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 CPAN::Search::Lite::Index - set up or update database tables.


CPAN::Search::Lite::Index - set up or update database tables.



 my $index = CPAN::Search::Lite::Index->new(config => 'cpan.conf', setup => 1);



This is the main module used to set up or update the database tables used to store information from the CPAN and ppm indices. The creation of the object

 my $index = CPAN::Search::Lite::Index->new(%args);

accepts three arguments:



Most of the options used to control the behaviour of the indexing are contained in a configuration file. An example of the format of such a file is

 CPAN = /var/ftp/pub/CPAN
 pod_root = /usr/local/POD
 html_root = /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/CPAN
 db = pause
 user = sarah
 passwd = lianne
 css = cpan.css
 up_img = up.gif
 tt2 = /usr/local/tt2
 geoip = /usr/local/share/geoip/cpan.txt

This consists of 3 sections.


This is associated with various things related to CPAN.


This is used to store connection information to the database used to populate the tables.


This is used for various information related to a web interface.





will start the indexing procedure. Various messages detailing the progress will written to STDOUT, which by default will be captured into a file cpan_search_log.dddddddddd, where the extension is the time that the method was invoked. Passing index an argument of log => log_file will save these messages into log_file. Error messages are not captured, and will appear in STDERR.

The steps of the indexing procedure are as follows.



the CPAN::Search::Lite::Info manpage, the CPAN::Search::Lite::PPM manpage, the CPAN::Search::Lite::State manpage, the CPAN::Search::Lite::Extract manpage, the CPAN::Search::Lite::Populate manpage, and the CPAN::Search::Lite::Util manpage. Development takes place on the CPAN-Search-Lite project at



This software is copyright 2004 by Randy Kobes <>. Use and redistribution are under the same terms as Perl itself.


 CPAN::Search::Lite::Index - set up or update database tables.

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