Installation of the Perl modules follows the standard

perl Makefile.PL
make install

A mysql database should be created manually. Two generic users should be created - one, with access to create, drop, insert, query, and update tables in the database, and another, for just querying the tables. Before creating the database, you may want to set

in your my.cnf file (and restart the server), so that words of a minimum length of 3 (eg, "net" and "ftp") are indexed.

Creating, and subsequently updating the database, is controlled through the use of the csl_index script in the bin/ subdirectory. The various options needed to set up the database, including the name, password, and database name to be used, are specified through a configuration file - run the script build/ to create a minimal such file. Once this is set up,

perl csl_index --config /path/to/csl_config.conf --setup will initially create and populate the needed tables, after which

perl csl_index --config /path/to/csl_config.conf will update it. See the embedded pod documentation for details.

A number of example interfaces for querying the database are included:

For the cgi-bin and mod_perl interfaces, example Template-Toolkit pages are included in the tt2/ subdirectory. Note that some of these scripts and the tt2 config file will require manual editing for urls reflecting the local server, the location of the tt2 pages, and the username, password, and name of the database to be used when connecting to the database for performing queries. See the embedded pod docs for details.

In the htdocs/ directory there are some files: faq.html, for some faqs, dslip.html, for some information on the dslip entry in the information for packages, style.css, a css style file, and ppm.html, for some information on using ppm on Win32.

Support is available for different languages (based on the preference set in the browser). Translations occurs within the language-specific modules of CPAN::Search::Lite::Lang::*. The default language used is "en" (English), if the user's preference isn't available.